Jennifer Hays

Instructor, Community Manager


Favorite Yoga Pose:

Crow Pose

Class Expectations:

Accepting, fun, and encouraging

Jennifer is proof that yoga is for every BODY.  A lifetime of complications from severe scoliosis kept her from any type of high impact exercise. She has had three spinal surgeries and regularly received epidural injections to help manage pain. She spent most of her life with people telling her what she “can’t do”.  Jennifer began practicing yoga in her late forties and began to find out just what her body CAN do.  She was hooked from the very first class!  In addition to sleeping better and feeling less pain, she also quickly lost over 60 pounds.  She wanted to learn all that she could about yoga and try out as many instructors and styles as she could.  She found her real passion in Hot Power Flow.  Jennifer truly believes that yoga helped save her life and heal her mind and body.  After suffering a stroke in 2018, Jennifer felt compelled to become an instructor and share the gift of yoga with others.

Jennifer received her 200 hour RYT at Performance Power Yoga in 2019 and loves to share the benefits of yoga with her students in a safe, fun, and challenging space. She has an outgoing, energetic personality and she tries to encourage students not to take themselves too seriously.  Jennifer hopes to help her students take lessons from their yoga mats and apply them outside the studio so that they can feel strong, flexible, and balanced in their daily lives.  Her favorite part of teaching yoga is feeling the collective energy in the studio.

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