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Join Sherry for an evening of slow, deep yin holds set to stories and folklore on a day celebrated by cultures around the world in honor of our dearly departed ancestors. This practice will awaken your own spirit while honoring those who have left the Earth. Next, Sherry will guide you in a Yoga Nidra (yogic sleep) meditation and offer extended time in a sacred savasana for you to drop the solidarity of your physical body and explore the deeper energetic sheaths that surround your soul. Bring any items you wish to offer to the sacred alter that we’ll build as a group. Dress in any attire your wish to honor your ancestors while remaining comfortable, or get playful with sugar skull or spooky leggings! This annual workshop is $40 with unlimited members receiving 15% off. Preregistration is required. This workshop is not heated and no experience required.  
Balance your power (yang) yoga practice and join Sherry as she takes you on a winter solstice journey with a warm yin yoga (stretching and slow holds) practice. This special 75 minute event will leave you energized and restore an overall sense of vibrancy and vitality in the body. You will enjoy a beautiful yin practice designed to take you out of the stagnation in life and help you move forward setting up your mind, body, and spirit for success. This time of year with the cold weather, the holiday stress, and end of year activities can result in physical stagnation, foggy fatigue, and a sluggish immune system. However as with every season, there is a light at the end of this one as well. Celebrate Winter Solstice with PPY this year! Cost is $30. Space is limited. This event is heated to 80 degrees. No experience is required. We suggest you bring your own props.  
Set your intention for 2023 with the PPY tribe on the evening of New Year’s Day! This workshop will tap into your yin energy: the feminine, cool, quiet, and dark side. We invite you to slowly ease into the new year with an unheated yin practice with Sherry. You’ll learn how yin yoga is different from our signature power classes, and how to integrate yin energy into your life for balance. This workshop is $40, with unlimited members receiving 15% off. We recommend you bring your own props, socks, and layers. Preregistration is required.

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