Lisa Manning



Favorite Yoga Pose:

Supine Pigeon

Class Expectations:

Centered, engaged, and strong

Lisa was always a “gym rat” and has always loved working out since her late teens.   She has a background in athletic training so she has always been mindful of the body and  very health-oriented.  But prior to 2018, she never really considered or tried was yoga because she was used to sports and working out with weights.  In May 2017, the unthinkable happened to Lisa when she lost her 18 year old son. She continued to work out daily hoping to help relieve some of her grief but realized that her health was in danger as she couldn’t bring her blood pressure down.  She decided to give yoga a try and went with her friend who had recently become hooked on yoga. Lisa decided to join PPY in January of 2018 and within a few months, her blood pressure had decreased and she was feeling energetic and healthy again.  She continues to work out at the gym, but realizes with the balance of both the gym and yoga, she is getting the optimum workout that her body needs.  At the age of 52, she decided to take the Yoga Teacher Training course with PPY so she could teach others yoga and she recently graduated in March of 2019.  She never thought she would ever take this route and become a certified yoga instructor, especially at her age!

She loves telling her story so that others can also realize that no one  is too old to try new things like yoga!  She enjoys watching people experience yoga as a new love like she did, and encourages students to keep working as you never know where yoga will take you.  It not only is good for the body, but also for the mind and soul.  She wants everyone to know that we are all strong, we are all worthy, and we are all warriors.

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