What is Power Yoga?

“Power yoga” is a style of yoga characterized by vigorous, fluid, and creative pose sequences sometimes set in a heated room. Power yoga is a vigorous practice intended to increase your heart rate and strength and tone muscles, while also calming your mind and feeding your soul. Power yoga is also synonymous with the term vinyasa. PPY heated yoga classes are NOT Bikram style classes. Most PPY classes are heated, so check class descriptions for specific temperatures and more information about each class format. Your PPY class is set to music that will get you moving and you will get a workout even if the class is non-heated!

What to bring?

Mat, towel, and refillable water bottle. PPY has mats and towels available for rental and a water cooler for your refillable bottle. Show up with an open heart! Leave your worries, ego, and your phone at the door!

What to wear?

We recommend you wear active apparel with moisture-wicking properties or non-restrictive and cool materials. But remember, we like to go upside down at PPY, so pick your loose clothing with that in mind! Come by the studio and check out our boutique! We carry the most current active apparel made for yoga!

What if I’m a beginner?

We know that entering a yoga studio can cause anxiety, but we are so glad you are here and your instructor will tell you everything you need to know for your first time at yoga or your first time at PPY. If you have never done yoga, heated yoga, power yoga, or vinyasa yoga before, we recommend that you try any of the classes marked as Beginner Friendly first. You may need to attend a few beginner friendly classes before you can “go with the flow”, but that’s okay! Listen to your instructor’s words in class. He or she will guide you safely and confidently into poses. Please see our Studio Etiquette here for additional info.

What do I do before my PPY class?

Come hydrated! Heated and power yoga works to detox and cleanse your body of toxins, so if you take a PPY class when your body is not properly hydrated, you may fee uneasy during or after class. Prepare for class with a protein snack, but avoid large meals less than 2 hours before class.

What if I’m not flexible?

Come to yoga! Yes- come to yoga to increase and maintain flexibility. Flexibility is relative!

What if I’m pregnant?

PPY classes that are heated more than 85 degrees are not recommended for women that are pregnant. If you are pregnant, please let your instructor know when you check in to the class and they will offer you safe options during class.

What if I am under 18?

Yogis between the ages of 16-18 may practice at PPY with a parent/guardian’s consent. Ask a PPY instructors for info on local studios that offer kids and teen yoga classes.

Do I need to sign up for class in advance?

We recommend that you sign up for PPY classes in advance using the scheduling link to MBO here or on the MBO app. You may also drop-in to class at least 10 minute before class begins, space permitted. We understand that life happens, but if you miss a class that you have signed up for in advance, and fail to cancel more than 2 hours before class, you may be charged for the class as if you attended.

When are your hours?

PPY is open 15 minutes before and after each class. See our class schedule. The studio locks and closes during classes for safety. Please contact PPY at info@performancepoweryoga.com or 678-861-4374 for appointments and information about the studio.

What is I am late arriving?

PPY has a strict late policy of NO LATE ARRIVALS more than 5 minutes after class begins. This is for your safety, and for the safety and respect of others. Please try to arrive at least 5 minutes before class begins. 

What does vinyasa mean?

Vinyasa means “to place in a particular way.” Your PPY instructor may use the term vinyasa to refer to a particular sequence of poses linked by breath that is often repeated throughout class. You may also hear the term vinyasa to refer to the style of yoga offered at PPY, also referred to as power yoga. PPY classes are creative sequences of poses mindfully designed to transform and strengthen your bodies’ performance, and flow from pose to pose while synching your breath the movement.